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We're split in three groups, each one with its own color on the boards:

The Wrenchmen: These tech wizards with orange names spend most of their free time helping other players with their technical problems. You're experiencing lag you can't explain? Your client is doing weird things? Your FPS are too low? Whatever it is, the Wrenchmen are the best people to help you find the reasons for your technical problems and hopefully solutions!

The Adjudicators: These Esport enthusiasts with purple names organize big tournaments with hundreds and thousands of teams and try to support Esport wherever they can. You want to organize a big tournament and need guidance? You participate in one of Riot's big community tournaments and have a problem? The Adjudicators will do their best to help you!

The Emissaries: These players in green are focused on the Community and knowledge. If you have a question about the game, if you always wondered how exactly reports or matchmaking work, if you have a cool community project you need help with...the Emissaries are the right guys to talk to!