Be a volunteer

You like what you see and want to join us? You came to the right place!

We are always keeping our eyes open for awesome people that want to become a part of our big international family. We are looking for people who are not only super motivated, but also have unique talents and ideas to help us at helping other players and create awesome content and projects. We are looking for the best, the most creative, the nicest, the most talented and the most enthusiastic players out there to help us create awesome things!

You think we just described you? Perfect! Please read our Application Guide, and if you think you would be an awesome addition to the Volunteers, let us know. The way we recruit can be very different, depending on the region. Some regions just pick their candidates directly from the boards while others use application forms (but even in those region that use applications being awesome on the boards is a great help!). More info can be found in the Application Guide.

Application Guide

You want to apply? Fantastic! The fact that you are reading this guide already gives you a massive advantage over those applicants who do not.

At first you should know what expects you as a Volunteer, and, more importantly, what you shouldn’t expect.
Please keep in mind that you are applying for a volunteer position. So you will not be payed, you will not be rewarded, you will not get free RP or skins, you will not get any special privileges...except being part of the Volunteer family of course.
So if you expected anything like that, move along, you won’t find it here, sorry.

Another very important thing you should be aware of before even starting to fill out an application form: We do not recruit toxic players. If you are toxic we will find out and we are very strict about that. Like really REALLY strict! Of course we mainly care about current behavior. If you have been toxic in the past but truly and consistently reformed, no problem.

You still want to apply? Ok, then here are a few tips how to write a good application (in those regions that use application forms):

But wait...what about regions that do not even use application forms? How can you apply there? Well, in those regions things are a bit more simple: Just be awesome, preferably on the boards. Act like a volunteer, do cool stuff, help people, be a role model and sooner or later you will be noticed. That’s also a great option to increase your chances in all regions that DO use application forms!