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Low priority Queue

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Low priority queue is a type of restriction given to frequent leavers of games. This queue type increases the duration of your queue by 5, 10, or even 20 minutes. The players that are in low priority queue will be notified of the amount of games they still have to play with this punishment. If a player with a low priority queue restriction were to join a lobby with premades, the lobby will be notified they are playing with a player in low priority queue, and they will face the same penalty as this player [195].


Although often stated, you do not get a low priority restriction for disconnecting during a game once. However, there will be a pop up window after the game that states it is not allowed to leave games and manually has you agree with not leaving any more games. If you do keep leaving games, you might end up with a low priority queue restriction [70, 195].


Not just that, the Leaverbuster system is also focused on targeting just chronic leavers and afk players. Restrictions will not happen due to the rare but occasional hardware issues or ISP problems [206]. Also remember that the warnings are not the same as a punishment.

After the introduction of Leaverbuster with the inclusion of low priority queues, the amount of leavers and afk players reduced by up to 30% on almost all servers [576].


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