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This article is a collection of videos and guides that can help players to deal with player behavior related problems. The list of videos is not necessarily complete and due to the partly humoristic nature of some of these videos, they shouldn’t be seen as official sources for player behavior systems or psychology.

Siv HD: How to never rage again

Summary: Siv HD is explaining how to avoid raging by becoming aware of the lack of importance of the outcome of your games.


Gbay99: This is Why You’re Stuck in BRONZE (“Elo Hell”)

Summary: Gbay99 explains logically why Elo Hell can’t exist and what kind of mentality can get you out of it.


Gbay99: How to Stop Losing Streaks (and the Science behind it all)

Summary: Gbay99 explains the theory of “amygdala hijacks”, which can partly explain why we tilt.


SkyWilliams: Climbing the ELO ladder using DST.

Summary: Sky explains how to improve other players performance and behavior by being nice.


ristiuMMask: The Secrets of the Honor System in League of Legends (Super Detailed Guide)

Summary: ristiuMMask explains how the Honor System works and what you have to do to get a honor badge.


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