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New Champselect

1. About


New Champion Select is Riot’s most recent update of the champion select phase, which basically takes the best out of the worlds of the old Team Builder queue and Draft Pick queue. It consists in players banning up to 3 champions per team, and picking one for their pre-selected position [300].

In addition to these features, it also sports several graphical improvements over the old champion select.

It currently doesn’t feature the possibility to report players before the start of the match, although it was considered for development at some point [169, 300, 369].


2. Implementation


The New Champion Select was developed in response to, and solve, criticism and complaints about “trolls”, “instalockers” and other reasons for pre-game conflict [41, 212, 300, 368, 369], and give players a better champion select experience [113]. It requires the player to choose two positions before being matchmade, and while position selection follows the current meta composition (solo top, mid, duo bot, jungle), it’s possible for Riot to easily implement different compositions whenever the meta shifts significantly [324].

The choice of two positions, instead of one, was justified with the necessity to provide reasonable queue times, and to encourage players to master multiple positions [399, 503].

In addition players might be autofilled in a position they didn’t select to avoid overly lenthy queue times. Players who have to fill are protected from getting autofilled again in the next game. Players are never autofilled during their promotion games [648].


Upon entering champion selection phase with the team, role swaps, bans and counterpicks that usually characterize Draft Pick occur [309, 569]. Each player can declare a pick intent, but can also change the selected champion once it’s their turn to pick. However, forcing a role swap without the consent of the player assigned to that role is punishable [571].

Same as the classic Draft Pick, the pick format requires one team to choose the first pick, the enemy team choose the next two, and so on. The New Champ Select, however, also requires each player to lock in after every choice (including bans and pick intent), otherwise the whole room is disbanded and every player thrown back into queue.


3. Miscellaneous


  • Common criticism before the introduction of New Champion Select and Dynamic Queue was that by selecting only two roles, the skill required to play the game diminishes; however, in Ranked queue players in average play two positions, with a small champion pool, and it’s even more true for high tier players [41, 354, 564]. Despite this, Riot was considering plans to reward players skilled at playing multiple positions [354].
  • Currently, MMR isn’t role-specific, but it may change in the future [563].
  • There were plans for 2017 to update Blind Pick and Normal Draft queues following the model of New Champ Select [277].


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