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There are three different systems in place to punish negative behavior in the game.

All of them are designed to follow three goals:


  • Encourage moderately or occasionally negative players to reform
  • Shield players from negative experiences
  • Remove players who won’t reform from League



The Instant Feedback System punishes players for verbal toxicity and negativity.

Feederbuster punishes intentional feeding and griefing players.

Leaverbuster punishes players who prematurely leave games.


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Depending on the type and severity of violation, 4 kinds of punishments can be given to a player.

Description of punishment

Possible causes

Low Priority Queues are a time penalty that requires a player to wait 5,10 or 20 minutes before starting a game.

LPQs last for 5 games.

leaving / afk

Chat Restrictions limit the amount of messages a player can write.They last for either 10 or 25 games.

Verbal toxicity

Temporary suspensions (bans) disable the function to queue up and play games.

Players can still log in and use the client while temporarily banned. Currently, 14 days is the only duration of this punishment.

Verbal toxicity;
Int. feeding;

leaving / afk

Permanent bans are the most severe punishment.
In contrast to other punishments, the goal is not to reform a player, but to remove them from the game.
If justified, a permanent ban will never be reverted,

unless it was given due to chargeback issues. [289]

This explicitly includes permanent suspensions given to pro players. While their Esport bans might get lifted, their account bans are not [656]

Verbal toxicity;

Int. feeding;

Account sharing;

Forbidden software;

Chargeback issues


Punishments are usually only given to accounts, not players.

IP address bans are not being issued because of the collateral damage they would cause. All players in university dormitories or internet cafes would get banned for the misbehavior of one player.


In rare cases however, players who were notorious for their consistent toxicity were completely banned from the game, meaning any account created by them will instantly be banned upon identification.



When someone gets a punishment without deserving it, the Support can lift it [73]


Getting a toxicity related punishment also means that you can’t get access to the PBE [554]

Contrary to a popular rumour, it's not required to be toxic in at least three games to get a penalty [657]


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