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1. What is a report?

A report is a feature which will refer a player to Riot for punishment. More specifically, players will be reviewed by the Instant Feedback system, FeederBuster, LeaverBuster and in some cases manual review to determine which punishment they’ll receive.[222] In the past report cases were also sent to the tribunal.

Some reports can also be issued automatically. From what we know, the LeaverBuster system is currently the only one that does this. It will review cases and issue punishments for AFKing automatically, even if a player doesn’t report someone.

1.1 Misconceptions / Trivia


  • False reports do not result in punishment.[282] All report systems are designed to detect false reports and dismiss them. For a report to be valid there must be evidence that the player in question broke the rules.
  • Asking people to report someone is useless since just one report already triggers an investigation of that players behavior and more reports don't change anything about that [650, 653]
  • While asking for reports itself isn't against the rules, calling someone a feeder for having a poor game, telling people to report them for int'ing, etc. is considered negative. [659]
  • Premades do not have additional report power and they never had. Even back then when report value still existed, solo reports were more valuable and the premade advantage of numbers was compensated by reduced report value. [78,325,404]
  • Reports in custom games do not work. You are also unable to be banned automatically for AFKing in custom games.[536]
  • Reports can also be issued for pre- and post-game chat.[22]
  • “Unskilled Player” has been removed as this was putting a lot of stress on new players because it suggested that playing bad was a bannable offense and was never used to punish but only to improve matchmaking.[39,176]
  • The comments that can be sent when reporting a player are valuable for the support and used to review cases manually. [338]
  • Picking a role that you were not assigned is a punishable offense and can be reported after the game [571]
  • Most people who write that they will report someone don’t actually do that [72]
  • “Counter Reporting” has no effect on the likelihood or severity of a punishment [323]
  • Report value doesn't exist anymore. All reports trigger an investigation. [651]


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