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While simply banning seems to be the easiest solution to improve behaviour within a community this is not the most effective approach when trying to improve a player’s behaviour. Reforming a players requires to give a reason to the player for the punishment s/he recieved. Simply banning a player will have no effects on whether the player will be reformed while giving a reason improves reform rates by 50% and providing the player with evidence or examples for his bad behaviour increases the reform rate by up to 70%. [57]


In the previous systems small time bans were issued to players for a first offense and had little to no effect. Instead of issuing several shorter bans the instant feedback system banns players for 2 weeks to be sure to reach them and affect their playtime.[123]


With this 92% of the players reform after being hit for the first time by the instant feedback system while previous systems never reached higher rates than 75%.[601][589][123]


In general a players improvement is measured in games played, not time elapsed [496]

The time until a player is considered "reformed" and has clean slate again depends on the severity of his misbehavior [652]


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