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Report Feedback

1. What is it ?

The Report Feedback was introduced in May 2015 as part of the “New player reform system“. [222] It uses a pop-up in the client to inform players that one of their recent Reports resulted in a suspension for a player.

It used to only appear for the player who issued the final report before a ban was issued. However this mechanic was changed and nowadays every player who reported a player who got punished afterwards can get Report Feedback [606, 499]. It's important to know that the Report Feedback is purposefully tuned down in order avoid notification spam for players. So not getting a Report Feedback does not mean the player didn't get punished [279].


2. Plans for the future

Riot has stated that the New Tribunal will most likely include some form of report feedback, to enable players to see their contribution to making the community a better environment. [278]

Please keep in mind that with Lyte leaving Riot, the new Tribunal is speculative feature we have no up-to-date information about.


3. Miscellaneous

To create the Report Feedback feature, Riot had to review privacy laws across more than 15 different countries. [345]


A screenshot of the Report Feedback players receive in the client.


4. Sources

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