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Extra Life Tournament


The Extra Life tournament is a charity tournament for League of Legends players, which allow you to compete with other European teams and raise money for a good cause simultaneously. If you are at least 13 years old and if you have a League of Legends account with level 30 or higher, you can simply put together a team consisting of five to nine members on the Battlegrounds website and then sign up for the tournament.

The Extra Life Tournament is a Europe-wide League of Legends charity tournament supporting the charity event Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.


All players from a European country who are at least 13 years old and have a summoner level of 30 or higher, unless they are excluded from the tournament for other reasons - see Appendix A for more details, can sign up for the tournament.

A valid team consists of at least five eligible members.

To participate in this tournament, you must be a member of a valid team on the Riot Tournament Platform or create your own team of up to nine players. The team leader has to register the valid team until the 31th of October 2018, 23:59 CET for the Extra Life Tournament, creating a team does not automatically register it for this tournament.

Tournament format


The Extra Life Tournament will start on November 1st, 2018 at 18:00 Central European Time (CET) and will be played as Best-of-1 (excluding finals) in single-elimination, meaning that you will be eliminated after a lost game. 

Official dates of the Extra Life Tournament:

    • November 1, 2018
      • 1st round: 18:00 CET
    • November 2, 2018
      • 2nd round: 18:00 CET
      • 3rd round: 19:00 CET
      • 4th round: 20:00 CET
      • 5th round: 21:00 CET
      • 6th round: 22:00 CET
    • November 3, 2018
      • 7th round: 15:00 CET
      • 8th round: 16:00 CET
      • 9th round: 17:00 CET
      • 10th round (Bo3): 18:00 CET

All 8 group winners are placed into the final round. The final round starts with the 6th round on November 2nd at 19:00 CET and continues to play as Best-of-1 in the Single Elimination format, except for the final, which is played as Best-of-3.

If not all games have been played in time, there may be delays. In this case, the next round will start a little later. Emails will be sent at least 10 minutes before the start of the next round.


Prizes will be announced after registration end, participants will not receive prizes, however they will be donated to Extra Life instead (their value in €).  Every player of the winning team will receive Triumphant Ryze, as long as they’ve played at least one game.

During the tournament

Playing in the tournament

Participants must behave fair and sportsmanlike and have to be familiar with all procedures. The procedures are explained below.

Match Time

On November 1st and 2nd the matches will start at 18:00 CET, keep in mind that on November 3rd the matches start 5 hours earlier, at 13:00 CET!

We recommend that the teams be online 10 minutes before the start of the tournament to ensure enough time to enter the tournament lobby and get ready. At the scheduled time, each team has to have 5 players in the lobby. Four players or less are not a valid team.

If a team has 4 or less players in the game lobby 10 minutes after the start of the official match time, then the present team should remain in the lobby and check after another 5 minutes (totaling 15 minutes after the official start time) on the summary page of the match whether the result has been entered correctly. If this is not the case, an Adjudicator can be called on the same page in the chat, just press the "Report a Problem" button. You should only leave the lobby, if the match result is entered correctly.

Playing a match

Each team has to play the required number of matches one after another in order to determine the winner of the round. For example, if the match is Best-of-3, both teams have to complete the two (or three) games to determine the winner of the round.

There can be a break of up to 5 minutes between games.

Before the start of each round, all team members receive an email in which the team is assigned the blue (left) or red (right) side. This allocation is determined randomly. The sides can be exchanged at any time if both teams agree.

A match is valid even if played with a different site allocation. So make sure that you agree with the side choice before you start the game.

Tournament code

In all tournaments, it is necessary to play every game with the given tournament code for each round.

  • The participants receive the respective tournament code for the current round by email.
  • It also can be found on the summary page of each match on the Battlegrounds website.

Team roster

A team roster is the complete list of players enrolled in a team during a tournament. A team must consist of at least five and not more than nine eligible players (including substitutes).

  • A player may only play in a single team during the tournament.
  • Players may be added to the team within the rounds and before the tournament registration ends.
  • Players can only be removed before the start of the tournament!

In-Game Pauses

A in-game pause is a way to fix major difficulties during a tournament that can not be dealt with in the game.

Each team has a maximum pause time of 5 minutes.

Teams may only pause a game if ...

... there isn’t a fight ongoing.

... the pause does not create an unfair game advantage for a team.

... a problem that prevents a team to continue playing needs to be fixed.

... a player has hardware problems.

... a player has technical problems or a power failure.

... a player has connection problems.

If the game is paused, the opposing team has to be informed immediately about the reasons for the pause.

Any disputes between the teams must be resolved during the pause. If necessary, teams can contact an Adjudicator who will decide about the next steps.

In case of problems, we recommend to take screenshots of the game situation, including the chat during the pause, so that an Adjudicator can have a look at the situation and decide based on that.

If a game has been paused, all participating players must remain logged in for at least a few minutes after the match has ended, as there might be the need of an Adjudicator contacting the players.

Unsuitable language

  • Players have to follow the Summoner’s Code.
  • At no time a team member is allowed to become obscene, indecent, vulgar, offensive, threatening, dissolute, slanderous, defamatory, disparaging or otherwise objectionable or incite hate, incitement, or show discriminatory behavior during the match.


For the following offenses and behaviors, an Adjudicator may decide to disqualify a player or the entire team:

  • Teams that use hacks, cheats, etc.
  • Teams that show unsportsmanlike behavior or do not follow the Summoner’s Code.
  • Teams that compete with one or more players who are not in the team line-up.
  • Players who are not the original account owner but who compete under their summoner name (including shared accounts).
  • Intentionally feeding or giving away a game to let the other team win.
  • The deliberate use of bugs, bots, etc.
  • Other violations of these rules

The Adjudicator decides on all other matters that are not covered here.

A disqualified team loses any claim to prizes.


The Adjudicators are the referees of the Extra Life Tournament. They decide on all disputes, set penalties for violations and are responsible for the organization of the tournament. Adjudicators are the highest authority of the tournament, so they have the last word in all matters and can make decisions that are not explicitly dealt with in these rules.

Their decisions are final and must be accepted.

The official Riot support has nothing to do with this tournament and can therefore give no information.

In the client and in the tournament lobbies the Adjudicators are recognizable by their summoner account with no games played on Level 15 and with an "Adj" in front of their name.

Adjudicators can be reached via the chats on the Battlegrounds page. By clicking on the "Report a problem" button, they will be notified and someone will be in the chat as soon as possible - bear in mind that we can be contacted via the chat rooms even outside the playtimes, but higher response times should be expected!

The Adjudicators are also available on the Boards (recognizable by the whistle and the purple name), on Facebook ,Twitter and Discord.

If there are any discrepancies between information from various documents, announcements or emails, it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ask an Adjudicator.

Appendix A


Any summoner with an active League of Legends account (minimum level 30) who is not currently suspended and fulfills the age restrictions and the origin restrictions may participate in the tournament.


  • Persons expressly prohibited from participating by Riot Games
  • Anyone who can not attend due to:
    • local laws
    • Regulations of tournament organizers
    • Rules of the owner of the venue

Origin restriction

To participate in the tournament, a player must either:

  • Be a citizen of a European country and have a valid identity document,
  • be a permanent resident of one of these countries and can present a student card, a permanent employment contract or a signed lease;
  • or have stayed in one of these countries for over 90 consecutive days prior to the event (including the day of the event).

Age restriction

All players have to be at least 13 years old and must be able to proof their age on request.