Extra Life Tournament FAQ EN

Project date: Ongoing


This FAQ answers questions, which specifically relate to the Extra Life Tournament. Further questions and answers about the tournament platform or similar can be found in the FAQ for the Riot Tournament Platform.


Table of contents

Participation and registration

Who can participate in the Extra Life Tournament?

Every summoner who ...

  • lives in a European country or owns the respective citizenship
  • is at least 13 years old (all players must be able to prove their age on request)
  • has an unrestricted League of Legends account on summoner level 30.

How do I register for the Extra Life Tournament?

You need a team on the Riot Tournament Platform. Your Team Captain then has to sign you up for the Extra Life Tournament during the registration phase until until the 31th of October 2018, 23:59 CET.

I have created a team. Am I now registered?

No. The created team must first join the Extra Life Tournament to be registered.

How can I create a team? How can I invite other players?

You can create a team by clicking on "Create a Team" on the top of the Tournament Platform. After the team creation you'll get an invite link which you can send to the teammates you want to have on your team. 

Tournament and Matches

What is the schedule of the Extra Life Tournament?

Official dates of the Extra Life Tournament:

    • November 1, 2018
      • 1st round: 18:00 CET
      • 2nd round: 19:00 CET
      • 3rd round: 20:00 CET
      • 4th round: 21:00 CET
    • November 2, 2018
      • 5th round: 18:00 CET
      • 6th round: 19:00 CET
      • 7th round: 20:00 CET
      • 8th round: 21:00 CET
    • November 3, 2018
      • 9th round: 13:00 CET
      • 1th round: 14:00 CET
      • 11th round: 15:00 CET
      • 12th round (Bo3): 16:00 CET

What is the procedure for the Extra Life Tournament?

The Extra Life Tournament will start on November 1, 2018 at 18:00 CET and ends on November 3, 2018. Each game day has 4 rounds of matches, each planned to be 1 hour long, however delays can happen.

The 128 group winners reach the final round, which starts immediately after the group stage. The tournament system remains the same until the final - Best-of-1, single elimination - except for the finals of the final stage, which is a Best-of-3.

How can I join the lobby for the tournament?

In the game mode selection screen you can find a small cup to the top right for tournament games

By clicking on it you open a new window in which you need to enter the tournament code. The code can be found on the tournament website or on the email you received after a round has started.

How many bans are available?

The mode is “tournament draft”. This means that each team can ban up to 5 champions and overall 10 champions can be banned.

Can I reschedule a match?

In this tournament it is not possible to reschedule a match.

However, games can be played as soon as you receive the tournament code up until the official scheduled time.

What do I do if the opposing team does not show up?

If a team is not fully seated in the game lobby 10 minutes after the start of the official match time, the team present should remain in the lobby for another 5 minutes (scheduled play time +15 minutes) and check if the result on the overview page of the match was entered correctly. If this is not the case, an Adjudicator can be called in on the same page in the chat with the help of the "Report a Problem" button. Only if the match result is correctly entered should the lobby be left.

The enemy team is not fully present, but neither is mine. What happens now?

At the scheduled  time, 5 players of your team must be in the lobby, otherwise youwill be disqualified as a no-show. The same applies of course to your opponents. The opponent of the next round may thus receive a free win if neither you nor your enemy team could show up with 5 players in the lobby.

What should I pay attention to if I want to pause the game?

A pause is only allowed under certain circumstances such as connection problems. The exact conditions can be found in the rules. If the game is paused, you must immediately inform the opponents of the reason for the pause. If the game is to be continued, you must inform the opponent and wait for a "ready" signal from the opponents. Each team is allowed to pause the game for up to 5 minutes per game.

Does the captain have to play?

Not every player in a team has to play this also applies to the Team Captain. However, if the captain is not there, another team member should take over the tasks of the team captain to ensure a smooth process.

Will matches be streamed?

Currently there is no stream planned, however participants are allowed to stream their games.

Is spectating and/or streaming allowed?

Yes, but spectators may not be invited directly into the lobby.

Are you allowed to use the All-Chat?

Yes, but you have to respect the summoner’s code!

What happens if someone breaks a rule?

You should Immediately informan Adjudicator and explain the situation. If possible, proof should be included(screenshots, recording). The Adjudicator will then decide upon further measures.

Can a team start the champion selection with less than 5 players?

No. The tournament rules state, that for the game to be eligible, each team has to consist of 5 players.

General Questions

Where do I find the exact rules for the Extra Life Tournament?

You can find the rules for the Extra Life Tournament here.

What can I win?

This charity tournament is not one where you can win, you play so sick and injured win by being able to get treatments thanks to money you raised, which is why any prizes you may earn will instead be donated to Extra Life, benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®

The exact prize list will be released after the registration ends, the winners of the Extra Life Tournament will receive the Triumphant Ryze skin.

Who are the Adjudicators?

The Adjudicators are the referees of the Extra Life Tournament. They make the decisions in case of rule breaks and assist if there are ambiguities or problems. You can recognize them on the boards by the whistle and the purple name. During the officially scheduled time, you can contact them in the chat room on the tournament website. You can also contact them outside of these times, but you should expect higher response times! Otherwise, you can also contact them on the BoardsTwitter, Facebook or Discord.

Why was my lobby closed?

A lobby only remains open for 45 minutes. Thus you should not open the lobby too early. Though you can just open the lobby again using the same tournament code.

How can I join a chatroom?

On the tournament website you can find a link called “chatroom”.

It leads you to the overview of the current match. By scrolling down, you can find a chat that is only visible to Adjudicators and members of both teams.

How can I contact an Adjudicator?

In the chat described above, you can find a tab called “Report a problem”. There you gain access to a button to contact an Adjudicator.