The Useless Contest

Project date: 04.06.2017

More information here.

In this contest it's your goal to invent & create the most useless League of Legends related invention ever. You can do this by either physically building or programming it. 

How you do this, is completely your call. You can use any kind of materials or programming language, as well as you can choose your own style, scale and pretty much anything else. So were you thinking of dusting of your old Lego collection and start building with those? Go ahead; use anything you have or find! The only things you'll need is your creativity and to some extent building or programming skills

Entries will be evaluated on three key aspects:

  • Uselessness
  • Creativity
  • Quality

Creativity and uselessness play the biggest role by far here, while quality is more of a bonus element. Surprise us!